For its 20th anniversary, Kaophonic Tribu comes back on stage and releases a new album: PhoenX!


20 years ago, KAOPHONIC TRIBU was born around a concept: mixing ethnic trance and rock electricity.

African percussions, didgeridoo, drums and electric bass concocted a thick and original sound cocktail in the musical landscape of the time (discovered in the Spring of Bourges 2001).

Little by little, the group has expanded its style and its sound palette thanks to the contribution of new instruments such as Jew’s harp, Brazilian beribau, flutes, guitar, keyboards…

After 4 studio albums and a Live, KAOPHONIC TRIBU celebrates its 20th anniversary and releases a new LP : PhœnX

This album remains faithful to the tribal sound of the origins: Afro grooves, heavy bass, intoxicating didgeridoo…and wanders in musical landscapes dear to the current members of the group.


An acoustic and electric trance sound!

Kaophonic tribe is the energy of the mandingo percussions which crosses the mythical sound of the didgeridoo, the whole supported by a solid section guitar/bass/drums!
  • Anissa Hank | Vocals, percussions
  • Bertrand Bidault | Guitar
  • Christophe Ligerot | Drums, flute
  • Didier Billet | Percussions
  • Adrien Barbouth | Didgeridoo
  • Jack Limballe | Keyboards
  • Mickael Lachaize | Bass


4 August 2023 | Ordogkatlan festival, Pecs (Hungary)

5 August 2023 | Ozora festival, Ozora (Hungary)

12 August 2023 | Festival Tribal Elek, Andilly (France)

16 September 2023 | En Plein Air, Luzy (France)

NEW Album (LP/CD)!


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PhœnX | 2022
Métamorphose | 2009
Éliso Déli | 2005
Live | 2004
Nysa Sphère 7 | 2002
Quasi Transe Prolog | 2000


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